Brazil moves towards fast internet connection

This is great news for me and my Brazilian folks! Brazil is moving towards faster internet for a reasonable price. Two weeks ago the Brazilian cable company, NET, released 2Mb/4Mb/8Mb internet speed for a low price. Other companies are offering speed up to 1Mb for R$200 (U$83) but this new service will cost 2Mb/300Kbps for R$79 (U$33), 4Mb/600Kbps for R$99 (U$41) and 8Mb/1.2Mb for R$199 (U$82). The only concern is that this cable company may limit bandwidth, 20Gb for 2Mb, 40Gb for 4Mb and 60Gb for 8Mb. That is not much for those who are downloading things 24/7 on bittorrent or in other P2P softwares.
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Simple Flickr Slideshow Script

Some time ago, I wanted to do something to show pictures in a flickr set in an easy way for my websites. I wanted to make a link that would open a small window in the same way as “View as slideshow” in a new window in the flickr website. So I decided to build this script. After reading the‘s HowTo: Embedded Flickr Slideshows, I decided to release my script to the web. It’s simple but can be useful.
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Math Riddle

This is a simple math ride I heard today.
Think with me. 3 friends go to a pizza place. After eating, they go to pay, and the total is U$30, so each one pays U$10.
The owner of the pizza place knew the guys, so he told the waiter to give them U$5 off. The waiter, unashamed, put U$2 in his pocket and give U$1 to each of the boys.
So, how much did they paid in total? And where is the missing dollar?
Weird! Please, leave a comment about what you think is the result.

FeedTree: RSS via P2P

FeedTree is a P2P Java app that uses distributed bandwidth to push RSS feed content to users faster than traditional newsreaders that poll their feeds on a schedule. There is an infographic that describes how it works, but I still do not fully understand it. But I do understand that speed and timeliness are the payoffs here. Currently, the installation process and user interface are rough but the developers promise improvements. My eyes glazed over reading the command-line and port-messaging requirements to get this thing running, but if such technicalities are up your alley, this looks like an interesting new spin on both P2P and RSS. via [p2pWeblog]

Buy 1000 Pepsi bottles and win a Sony Vaio Laptop!

Yes, it’s true! This is the deal, you buy 1000 bottles of Pepsi, and the Finnish Pepsi company will give you a Sony Vaio Notebook (don’t know the model). It would cost around 1500 euros and considering that a Sony notebook would cost around 2000 euros, it’s a great deal, and you will also have a bunch of Pepsi to drink, or sell for a cheaper price.
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