Watch the personal computer history in 15 videos

III Lã Do Morro – Lan Party Webcam’s Video

Surfing on the Internet I found this great link telling how to make a stop-motion video with a digital camera, so I decided to make one something like that, but with pictures that I took with my webcam during the 3rd Lã Do Morro – Lan Party, that was hosted in my house on 9th of January 2004, quite long ago. The final result was amazing, you can see how the lan party went, the weather, and time, when it’s getting dark or light. Very cool, hope you like! Wanna know what do you think of it?! =)

I uploaded also a video from the 1st Lã Do Morro – Lan Party, isn’t so nice, but its HERE if you want to watch it!

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Brazil taking over YouTube!

After Taking over Orkut, now it’s time of YouTube. Brazil reaches the second mark of residencial access on the big video website YouTube with an total of 9%.The entertainment video website, is one of the phenomena in the Brazilian residential internet. From December of 2005 to April of this year, the videos community passed from 57,000 visitors to 1,2 million in April – 2005% growth, informs the IBOPE/NetRatings, “Brazil is the Country where the YouTube reaches the second better mark in terms of the percentage access in relation to home internet users of (9%), behind only for Spain (17%)”, observes Marcelo Coutinho executive-director of the IBOPE Intelligence.
In April, 13,4 million internet users had had access web at house in Brazil. Lauched in February of 2005, the YouTube has about 40 million videos watched everyday, says the company.

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This is my second movie. The idea was to create something different, without any logic, with nice music and crazy images. This is the result of this work.

Recorded and edited by: Eduardo Moreira Filho
Main Actor: Daniel Andrade (me)
Music by: “Le Quartier”, by Yann Tiersen, from the album “Gotan Project – Music Planet 2Nite”.

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