Moodlamp Mod

I made some modifications in one of my projects, my moodlamp, where I mounted it in a CTRL huge key.

I’m planning on releasing all the project as Open Hardware/Source, but due my lack time, it’s not on my website yet!
Would you like to take a look at this project?

Arduino The Documentary (2010)

I know I haven’t posted much lately, but there’s more to come in a near future!! You will like it! 🙂 But for now, you HAVE to watch this amazing documentary about the Arduino Board and it’s story!

The Longest Way 1.0 by Christoph Rehage

Christoph Rehage had an idea of going by foot from Beijin to Germany. He took some shots on his way and afther the trip, made a video. I saw this today and got amazed, so I decided to share with you guys.

also I want to you all to have a Happy New Year and a great 2k10!!!

Rare Earth Magnets

This is a totally random movie I shot this morning after receiving some Magnets from DealExtreme. Tomorrow I will measure the force of this magnets with a “Gaussimeter”, then let you guys know.

Byte++ makes a binary beat

This is a cool idea, making a binary counter music.

“Niklas turns a commonly silent digital process into music –

This is an experiment, where I count one byte up – from 00000000 to 11111111. Decimal spoken, this is from 0 to 255. I have assigned a sound to each bit and when it switches from 0 to 1, the sound is played”

Via [Makezine]

Funny music themes made by hand

I’ll post here a list of funny videos I found on the web with a guy making music with his own hands, songs like Mario and Witch Doctor. This is LOL!

The Witch Doctor