BarTop Mame Cabinet (under dev)

Who hasn’t spend a lot of money and time on arcades during childhood? What about build one and play all those games again?

Mame Cabinet

Browsing the web I found that a lot of people are building their own machines, building over a pc running a MAME emulator with a cool front-end. If you google images for ‘arcade cabinet‘ you will be amazed by what people are doing!!

I decided then to build my own, trying to use as much used stuff as possible, like a old computer, old screen and two usb game controllers that were broken but with the electronics hardware in perfect conditions. The cabinet will stay on the hackerspace from my town, TARRAFA HACKERSPACE, so we can set some championships, it will be fun for sure!!!

On this post, I will be giving updates on the progress (not much will be done during university semester, I hope to finish this project on holidays).

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Open Hardware Definition 1.0 Released

It’s finally here, a document that will help us to define what Open Hardware is, and to spread the idea. Open Software have been around for a long time, Open Hardware is still beginning, but already have a really big community out there, including me. I will add the logo to my next projects for sure!

Now, to move forward, please HELP:

This is a very important step in propelling our movement forward. PLEASE FORWARD FAR AND WIDE.

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Another cool AVR Dev Board

Kyle Stewart built another cool Dev Board for the ATmega168/8 (same microcontroller used in arduino).
The news thing about this board, is that it have a “vertical approach”, leaving more space on the breadboard for other components, a excellent idea!

Some features:

  • Works with ATmega168 (and probably others)
  • 16MHz crystal
  • 5V and 3V regulators can supply power to breadboard
  • Plugs vertically into breadboard taking minimal space
  • ISP programmable
  • 1-wire debug can be used
  • Simple to build, no surface mount components


On kyle’s website you will find the schematic, eagle files and more.

Take a look at: