HowTo: Building your own rounded cable

This is a very simple tutorial explaining how to build your very own rounded cable. They aren’t expensive, but it’s a nice project to do with your simple, flat and ugly IDE cables, making they look better. The reason why I would do that is to increase air circulation inside the case and making it looks better (if you have a window on it). So here goes the tutorial, hope you enjoy. Anything please comment!


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Cooler Lapping Tutorial

Have you ever looked down in the base of your computer cooler? They aren’t always clean and shining. So in this tutorial DIY, I decided to explain how to make them look like a mirror, helping to down your computer temperature. Using some basic material that almost everyone have at home and with some simple steps your cooler will get better then new! Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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HowTo: External Winamp Control

Nowadays, Winamp has full support to keyboard shortcuts. But some time ago, when Winamp didn’t have this feature, I was thinking of a way I could change the music just by pressing one button, it would make it faster and easier to change songs, especially during games. So I decided to make an external control to it. I found one Winamp plugin that shows how to configure an external control using the Serial Port, being able to make 4 or 15 buttons control. I decided to make this, step-by-step, how to do it, hope you enjoy.

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