BarTop Mame Cabinet (under dev)

Who hasn’t spend a lot of money and time on arcades during childhood? What about build one and play all those games again?

Mame Cabinet

Browsing the web I found that a lot of people are building their own machines, building over a pc running a MAME emulator with a cool front-end. If you google images for ‘arcade cabinet‘ you will be amazed by what people are doing!!

I decided then to build my own, trying to use as much used stuff as possible, like a old computer, old screen and two usb game controllers that were broken but with the electronics hardware in perfect conditions. The cabinet will stay on the hackerspace from my town, TARRAFA HACKERSPACE, so we can set some championships, it will be fun for sure!!!

On this post, I will be giving updates on the progress (not much will be done during university semester, I hope to finish this project on holidays).


Diablo III is coming


Finally Blizzard has revealed information about the next Diablo, and man, I’m exited. The good thing is that it’s not MMORPG, it will be almost the same way it was before, but now with better graphics, new monsters and characters. I don’t know if it’s my connection or their server is loaded because of too many visits.
Right now is happening the Blizzard Worldwide Paris, so let’s wait for more information about this! 🙂

Well, check out the blizzard website and Diablo Fans

Running MAME games on Ubuntu

How many of us, when young spent so much money playing in arcade machines? How much time have you spent on that old arcade house playing that game, just to watch the end of that hard game, or to be in first on the Hall of Fame? Don’t you miss playing Metal Slug, Marvel vs Capcom, The King of Fighters, Dungeons & Dragons, Street Fighter, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and many other games?


Is all this really worth it?

Here goes some pictures of people who make a crazy computer setup just to play World of Warcraft with more then one character a simultaneously. I wounder, is all this money spent worth it?


DX 9 V.S. DX 10 Comparison video

The website GameTrailers released today two videos from the game Crysis, comparing the quality of the game working on DirectX 9 and DirectX 10, take a look at the results below. The news is that they can play the game with DirectX 9, and with some patch or Windows XP version, because till now it only works with Vista and DX 10.

To watch the movies in high-resolution click here > Hunter/Jungle Fight, or continue reading for embedded movie.