Month: February 2009

Review: Lacie Pocket 500gb External Drive

Some days ago I bough the Lacie Pocket 500gb external hard-drive, and since then I have been very happy with my purchase. The HD is small enough to fit any pocket in my bag (3.19 x 0.71 x 5.08 inches [WxHxD]) and with the weight of 3 pounds, it makes easy to take everywhere. I know that having an external notebook hard-drive isn’t the safest way to store you precious data, but its a great place to store music, videos and photos in which you can take anywhere. At home I have my HTPC (Home theater PC) with a lot of free storage, so what I do is, I have a backup of all my data on the external lacie drive, and another copy of my precious things on my HTPC, this way I hope all my information is safe (I am also thinking on having another copy on the clouds [amazon s3]). Everything is backed up using a simple bash script made by me that will make copies to the external drive and to my media center via FTP.

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