Month: September 2007

Funny thing on Google Analytics

I was checking google analytics for and I noticed one funny thing, some people visited my website from a Nintendo Wii a Playstation 3 and a PSP. I just don’t know if it’s true or someone is using some browser with different ID.

Soon you will see Nokia N95 and Iphone on goolge analytics! ^^

New Prison Break Action Figures

The two main characters from Prison Break will turn to action figures,
Hot Toy will release till the end of the year, Michael Scofield and his brother Lincoln Burrows. With 30cm and comes with detailed clothes, very fancy!

There are two models, Scofield with suit (called Michael Scofield Street Clothing) and with prison clothing. There will be also the same scheme for Burrows (Lincoln Burrows Street and Lincoln Burrows Prison)

The “toy” will cost only U$89,99 ($$$$), which is for pre-sale at Sideshow Collectibles.prison1.jpg
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