Month: July 2007

Google Maps launches Mapplets

Google Maps has launched today a new feature called Mapplets (Map + Applets ^^), which makes you able to insert layers with many different information into your maps, like crime rates, building prices, transit maps, area calculator(thats a nice one), and much more.
Mapplets are now available at the “My Maps” tab, where you click in “Add content” to see them all. After adding some “Mapplets”, you’ll see them placed on the left menu interface. I’ve places on this post a Mapplets demonstration made from Google. Enjoy! 🙂

RSS Feeds for those who don’t know RSS Feeds

RSS FEEDMany times I face myself explaining to people what a RSS Feed is. Even though, I think most of you already know what’s a RSS Feed is, but for those who don’t, I’ll try to create a very simple yet explicative tutorial showing why you should be using it for a while now. Statistics can’t be ignored, most Internet users still don’t know what it is. So, recommend this post, and help spread RSS.
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New theme!

Long time since I wanted to change the old theme from my blog. I’ve made several theme layouts but none of them I really liked, so I came with this one, wich is almost ready. Based on K2 I’ll still make many optimizations and modifications, hope you enjoy. 🙂
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