Showing your last “twit” using php

While editing my blog theme, I decided to add my last thoughts in twitter to the website. Came with a very simple php code that will get the information from the last twitter post and show it as a text line, so you can add in anywhere you want.

This is the code:

< ?php
preg_match('#(.*)#',file_get_contents(''), $matches);
echo $matches[0]

Of course, remember to change username for your own.

BarCamp Floripa 2.0

Two weekends ago was kinda different from other weekends, I finally went to a BarCamp, after hearing so much about it on the web. It’s the second time that there is a BarCamp in my town, unfortunately I couldn’t attend to the first one, so I couldn’t miss this one. Two days (19/20 of May), a amazing opportunity to meet new minds, exchange ideas and have a great time talking about web related things, culture and art. The conversations was hold for exchanging knowledge about mostly in the web + education area, talking about copyright issues on the web (DRM), Web 2.0, Second Life, OpenSource, Blogs…There were a great presentation about the OLPC (One Laptop Per Children) project, where everyone could play with that little green thing.

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