Month: July 2006

Brazil taking over YouTube!

After Taking over Orkut, now it’s time of YouTube. Brazil reaches the second mark of residencial access on the big video website YouTube with an total of 9%.The entertainment video website, is one of the phenomena in the Brazilian residential internet. From December of 2005 to April of this year, the videos community passed from 57,000 visitors to 1,2 million in April – 2005% growth, informs the IBOPE/NetRatings, “Brazil is the Country where the YouTube reaches the second better mark in terms of the percentage access in relation to home internet users of (9%), behind only for Spain (17%)”, observes Marcelo Coutinho executive-director of the IBOPE Intelligence.
In April, 13,4 million internet users had had access web at house in Brazil. Lauched in February of 2005, the YouTube has about 40 million videos watched everyday, says the company.

Cooler Lapping Tutorial

Have you ever looked down in the base of your computer cooler? They aren’t always clean and shining. So in this tutorial DIY, I decided to explain how to make them look like a mirror, helping to down your computer temperature. Using some basic material that almost everyone have at home and with some simple steps your cooler will get better then new! Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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My first google adsense paycheck

Hey everyone, sorry that I haven’t been updating the website lately. As I told before, I’m in a very busy time with studies, can’t post and play with electronics right now. I’d like to say that I’ve received my first google adsense paycheck, Isn’t much but it helps, and makes me somehow exited with the website! Too sad for now I can’t do much. But after all this studies stuff is over, ill dedicate more time to this website, probably re-design, add some new features. And as I get in university, probably Ill make some nice tutorials about electronics and more.

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See you all!! 🙂