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Sorry folks

Sorry for not updating the website so often lately, I’m now in vacation :), and I’m spending most of the time traveling, beaches, trekking and with friends. Not much time to be on computer. On march my school starts, its a year studying to the university test, so I’ll study like hell, and won’t have so much time to update often the site, but anyway I’ll keep with it, showing my projects and stuff I like.


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Bye-bye hard drive, hello flash

Manufacturers of NAND flash memory say they will expand the market for their chips over the next few years and colonize devices that now rely on hard drives or other types of memory. In turn, this could mean phones that can record several hours of video, or smaller notebooks with twice or more the battery life.

The NAND noise will be particularly strong at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week in Las Vegas, with manufacturers showing off the solid-state technology as an increasingly important component in cell phones and talking up how it will find its way into notebook hard drives in 2006.

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