Month: November 2005

Simple Flickr Slideshow Script

Some time ago, I wanted to do something to show pictures in a flickr set in an easy way for my websites. I wanted to make a link that would open a small window in the same way as “View as slideshow” in a new window in the flickr website. So I decided to build this script. After reading the‘s HowTo: Embedded Flickr Slideshows, I decided to release my script to the web. It’s simple but can be useful.
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Math Riddle

This is a simple math ride I heard today.
Think with me. 3 friends go to a pizza place. After eating, they go to pay, and the total is U$30, so each one pays U$10.
The owner of the pizza place knew the guys, so he told the waiter to give them U$5 off. The waiter, unashamed, put U$2 in his pocket and give U$1 to each of the boys.
So, how much did they paid in total? And where is the missing dollar?
Weird! Please, leave a comment about what you think is the result.

FeedTree: RSS via P2P

FeedTree is a P2P Java app that uses distributed bandwidth to push RSS feed content to users faster than traditional newsreaders that poll their feeds on a schedule. There is an infographic that describes how it works, but I still do not fully understand it. But I do understand that speed and timeliness are the payoffs here. Currently, the installation process and user interface are rough but the developers promise improvements. My eyes glazed over reading the command-line and port-messaging requirements to get this thing running, but if such technicalities are up your alley, this looks like an interesting new spin on both P2P and RSS. via [p2pWeblog]

HowTo: External Winamp Control

Nowadays, Winamp has full support to keyboard shortcuts. But some time ago, when Winamp didn’t have this feature, I was thinking of a way I could change the music just by pressing one button, it would make it faster and easier to change songs, especially during games. So I decided to make an external control to it. I found one Winamp plugin that shows how to configure an external control using the Serial Port, being able to make 4 or 15 buttons control. I decided to make this, step-by-step, how to do it, hope you enjoy.

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