Migrating to MediaTemple

Hello everyone out there, I’ll be migrating the website on the next hours. I’m moving from crappy godaddy to MediaTemple, which I hope and expect that’s it’s way better then the actual one. 🙂 So things may look weird.

And remember to update your bookmarks to www.danielandrade.net

First post from my iphone

Hello everyone, this is my first post from my little new toy, a iphone. This is a quick post, sorry for the lack of updates. But im ending my semester and you know, its damn hard. Last days I’ve studied for like 16h everyday. But all this will be over this week. Thanks god 🙂 After that I’ll migrate this website from godaddy to mediatemple, which I hope will be much better and then I will not suffer the digg effect. Till soon 🙂

Ready to get your own unlocked iPhone?

Deutsche Telekom started to sell unlocked iPhones in Germany Right
now, if you live in Germany you can buy an iPhone with a 2 years
contract for 399 euros ( something like 590 dollars ). But due some court injunction, they will
also sell unlocked iphone with the spicy price of 999 euros ( only
1,477 dollars). Do you think it’s really worth it to pay all this money
for and unlocked iPhone?

Try Out Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04)

For those ubuntu freaks out there, you can already try out the new version of Ubuntu 8.04, see if there are new features and changes. But remember it’s still far from being the final version (let’s wait little less than six months). It may have some bugs, and it’s normal, for a under development OS.


10 Reasons why you should have a blog

So you are thinking about starting a blog, or your friends have their blogs and you are wondering why should you have one. In this post I will try to show you some good reasons why you should have a blog. For sure there are many more reasons, but they will probably change from person to person. So start reading and get to work, because you still have a lot to learn and it may change your life!



It took me some time to get my own domain name, ovelha.org/pasteler0 isn’t a very easy name to remember, specially if you don’t speak portuguese, as ovelha means sheep and pasteler0 is some kind of nickname I used to have. I still didn’t made all the changes, but now you can update your bookmark with DanielAndrade.Net 🙂 Hope it will be easier now!