• Simple but well made ATmega8 Development board

    In case you think a arduino board is too much for your ATmega Development, you should check this board made by yourITronics. Using the microcontroller`s internal clock, and programming using an ICSP cable you can start developing right now!

    In the website you’ll find the scheme and the eagle file.


    Take a look here!

  • Say hello to Arduino’s big brother, Sanguino

    And Zach Smith says: “I’m really really really excited to announce this new product. This one was directly conceived, funded, and produced here by the RRRF as a direct result of the kind souls who have supported us so far. To get to the meat, the Sanguino is a new microcontroller board inspired by the Arduino. We took the biggest baddest 40-pin DIP that atmel makes and made a board with it. Its based on the atmega644P which provides 64K of flash, 4K of ram, and 32 GPIO pins. The best part: its compatible with the Arduino software, which means all of your code should run on it no problem, and you can program it just as easily.

    You can buy a kit from the RRRF for $25 or check out the Sanguino website.

    I am totally going to get one!!!

  • DIY: Binary Clock with Arduino

    I was going to start watching a movie, when me and my friend pedro decided to give up on the movie and build a binary clock. After sometime thinking on how to program it, we made it. It works beautifully, so I decided to show here how I’ve done. It may not be the easiest way to make it work, but that’s what we’ve done.

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  • Temperature Sensor + Arduino

    Hello people, it’s been a while since I have posted projects on this website. This semester was really busy, I didn’t have time to much else, but soon I will have my winter holiday (Here in south our summer holiday is from December to February).

    Today I am going to show you how to build a simple temperature sensor using one LM35 Precision Temperature Sensor and Arduino, so you can hookup on your future projects. The circuit will send serial information about the temperature so you can use on your computer, change the code as you will. I’m planning to build a temperature sensor with max/min + clock + LCD, and when I get it done, I will post here.

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  • How To Make Your Iphone Battery Last Longer

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    I’ve owned a Iphone for a while now, it’s an amazing phone, the best I have ever used so far. But when I first started using it, my only concern was that the battery didn’t last as much as I expected. After two days, it was gone, and when I needed it, the phone just didn’t turn ON. I used to let the wireless on almost all the time and downloading many new apps. Now that I have some more experience on how my little gadget works, I will try to share some ideas on how you can optimize your iphone’s battery life and have a better iExperience.
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  • HowTo: Make Your Own Metronome

    Hello there! It’s been a while that I don’t post any electronic HowTo. Since I started electric engineering my life have been quite busy, studying a lot, but some days ago I have made a simple project in which I created a metronome using some simple parts you can find in any electronic shop. And I decided to share with everyone this blog. So if you are interested, so let’s start!

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  • Is all this really worth it?

    Here goes some pictures of people who make a crazy computer setup just to play World of Warcraft with more then one character a simultaneously. I wounder, is all this money spent worth it?

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  • Playing with RGB leds = fun ^^

    I was playing with some rgb leds, and here is the result, for now just pictures, then I’ll write some tutorials about my newest projects!

    Playing with RGB leds

  • DX 9 V.S. DX 10 Comparison video

    The website GameTrailers released today two videos from the game Crysis, comparing the quality of the game working on DirectX 9 and DirectX 10, take a look at the results below. The news is that they can play the game with DirectX 9, and with some patch or Windows XP version, because till now it only works with Vista and DX 10.

    To watch the movies in high-resolution click here > Hunter/Jungle Fight, or continue reading for embedded movie.

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  • Pictures of PSP and Ipod Fake

    Yesterday after school, I decided to take a look at some gadgets at the public market to see what stuff would I find there. And that’s what I found, a ugly Ipod and PSP fakes. Didn’t take note on the ipod fake, but the “PSP” plays some games (not PSP games), comes with a 512mb SDcard where all the files, mp3 and movies goes. The screen quality isn’t good if comparing with the real PSP.
    Well, there goes the pictures.
    What do you say?

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