Brazilian voting machines running under linux

Last weekend I worked in the Brazilian Municipal Elections that happened on 5th October. My job was to transmit all votes from the city I was, to the main data center in the capital. While doinig my things, there was people testing all the machines, and I realised that there was a pinguim on the booting screen. So I made some research, and discovered that the voting machines have its own distro, running on kernel and using some open libraries like SDL, zlib, boost, jpeg, freetype and others.

The government decided to change the OS from VirtuOS and Windows CE from 430k electronic voting machines to linux, decreasing expenses a lot! Way to go linux! =)

Now you can check some pictures of the machine booting up:

Voting Machine with Linux

Voting Machine with Linux

Voting Machine with Linux

You can check more infomation here (Brazilian-Portuguese) and here (Google translated).

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