Month: September 2006

Cloning your HD on Windows

After readying this great tutorial, of how to clone your HD using a mac, I decided to write one tutorial showing how to do this if you are a windows users.
Lately I’ve been quite angry with my windows. So here’s a very easy and fast way to restore your windows settings without having to reinstall windows all again.

Who are we?

Great pictures, that shows how big we are, the tremendous power of humanity, reflecting you may think how stupid things like war and racial problems are…

YouTube Adds New Features


It seems like Youtube has updated the flash based look of their video player!
The new one looks glossy, and using the red color on the time bar, actually I didn’t like very much, I think the old one was better. Another feature is that now you can browse video by it’s category, like Music, Entertainment, Sports, People and many more. And under the Video Tab, now they’ve added Most Linked videos, which is videos viewed under other websites using the embedded code. Video quality seems to look better now, new uploaded movies don’t loose as much quality as before, I think they are making this improvement for the future features projects, like to host all music videos on earth and things like this. Keep good things coming YouTube.

HowTo: Building your own rounded cable

This is a very simple tutorial explaining how to build your very own rounded cable. They aren’t expensive, but it’s a nice project to do with your simple, flat and ugly IDE cables, making they look better. The reason why I would do that is to increase air circulation inside the case and making it looks better (if you have a window on it). So here goes the tutorial, hope you enjoy. Anything please comment!