Geotagging now possible with Flickr

Flickr has just released its new feature, Geo Tagging, where users can set where the pictures were taken and show it on the map, using Yahoo Maps system. If you have an Flickr account, you can go to your Organizr menu and from there, select the Map option.
You can add as many pictures you want from any point on the world map. Map quality isn’t as good as Google Maps, but are quite good on USA and other places. I live in Florianópolis, images aren’t sharpen enough, but I hope soon things will get better.
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Happy birthday Gtalk!

Google Talk turns one year old tomorrow and decided to celebrate with some upgrades and a new Egg Easter.


If you change your computer date to 24/08 you will realize some change on the image shown on top of the program. And see what most Gtalk users will see tomorrow.
It will be something like this:


Well, I love Gtalk and have used it for some months now. And One thing I can tell, it’s way better then MSN, much more simple and efficient.

III Lã Do Morro – Lan Party Webcam’s Video

Surfing on the Internet I found this great link telling how to make a stop-motion video with a digital camera, so I decided to make one something like that, but with pictures that I took with my webcam during the 3rd Lã Do Morro – Lan Party, that was hosted in my house on 9th of January 2004, quite long ago. The final result was amazing, you can see how the lan party went, the weather, and time, when it’s getting dark or light. Very cool, hope you like! Wanna know what do you think of it?! =)

I uploaded also a video from the 1st Lã Do Morro – Lan Party, isn’t so nice, but its HERE if you want to watch it!