This is my second movie. The idea was to create something different, without any logic, with nice music and crazy images. This is the result of this work.

Recorded and edited by: Eduardo Moreira Filho
Main Actor: Daniel Andrade (me)
Music by: “Le Quartier”, by Yann Tiersen, from the album “Gotan Project – Music Planet 2Nite”.

Take the Xbox!

This is just SO funny!!!

Best Buy was getting a new shipment of Xbox 360’s. So people started to camp out of the store the night before, hoping to grab one in the morning. Anyway, these teenagers thought it was funny to drive by and show off their Xbox 360 to everyone in line. They drove by like 5 times untill the 6th time, they accidentally drop the console. My buddy grabs it and runs away…

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Mario Kart Arcade

I want on of these for Chistmas! Please Santa, put one of these in your bag and ship it to Brazil!!

“We’re not sure what we could tell you about the MarioKart Arcade GP dual-seater cabinet that could convince you to lay down the required $17,495 to pick one up, but you’re crazy if you don’t think we’re considering one for the office. Don’t deny, you’re at least thinking about it, too.”

Via [engadget] [joystiq]




HowTo: Google Videos on your website

After I realized that was shutdown by GOogle, and all the embedded videos were not working anymore, I decided to come with a new way to put it on your website. I found one, but it’s not as easy as before, but it works! I’ll try to explain how to do it and if anyone finds a better way to do it, please, let me know!
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