Hello, my name is Daniel, and I make things! This is my blog, where I show some of the stuff I do and things I am passionate about. My focus here are electronics, the hacker movement, photography and programming. Welcome!

  • Submenu item to Custom Post Types on WordPress

    This is my first post under “Today I Learned” category, where I will post tips and code snippets about solutions to some problems I found while working on my projects.

    Right now I am creating a custom WordPress plugin to interact with Campaign Monitor API. In the wordpress admin panel you have a Custom Post Type called “Email Campaigns”, and that’s where we want our plugin to add a submenu.

    To get the right menu item to add the submenu, you need to check the URL that it takes you. For example, by clicking on the “Email Campaigns” button, it loads the page: http://www.domain.com/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=email-campaign. So the item that we will use will be ‘edit.php?post_type=email-campaign‘.

    The function below adds the submenu to that Custom Post Type:

    And this is the result:





  • Custom jQuery Slide Button

    The idea of this code is to create a button with a cross on the right side and when you click, it rotates the cross and expands a hidden div. To slide up you can click on the button or on a round circle on the bottom of the div.

    Everything was made using HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

    You can also check a demo here.

    button example

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  • Getting started with Arm Pro Mini

    Just uploaded a quick tutorial on how to get started with your Arm Pro Mini using the mbed.com platform.

  • Say hello to my little friend – Arm Pro Mini

    Last couple of weeks I have been playing with this great board called “Arm Pro Mini” (name that came after the Arduino Pro Mini). This board is a small barebone open source ARM M0 Microcontroller that was designed to help makers take the bold move from the Arduino “world” to the next step into the feared ARM architecture.

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  • My burger quest!

    I have always been a burger fanatic! After spending three months in the United States, I decided to start my own side project where I will write a small review of all great burger places I have been to. (Can’t wait to go to Australia and try kangaroo burger).


    Join me in my quest at: http://burgers.fairuzmaggio.net

  • Line Follower Robot with OpAmps

    This is an old project that I found on my computer and decided to share with you guys. It’s that famous line following robot, made the simplest way possible, using only basic components such as LM358 OpAmp, LDR, Resistors and Transistors.

    The LM358 comes with two Operational Amplifiers and I used it as comparator to make the robot stay on the right path.

    3D render of the PCB

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  • ProtoStack Atmega32A Dev Board

    During the past few days I have been playing with ProtoStack’s Atmega32A Dev Board and have been very happy with it. Along with the Atmega(8/16/328) dev kit, so far it’s one of my favorite boards.

    It comes with everything you need in order to have it going , the big IC-ATMEGA32A-PU ┬ÁC, 10-pin connector (you can also use a 6-pin ICSP header), capacitors, resistors, voltage regulator for an external power supply and more… You can check the complete list and manual here.

    If you are looking for an Atmega32A Dev Board, I would recommend this one for sure!

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  • Relational Space #1

    This work presents an urban intervention using interactive technology. Located within a pedestrian and small vehicles tunnel below a busy road, that connects two parts of the Federal University of Santa Catarina Campus, the intervention creates a new relationship between tunnel and road. It operates as a displacement, transposing the sound of the traffic above to the pedestrians below. A sound sensor captures the sound of cars on the road and transmits a signal to the Arduino board, bringing a sense of chaos into the tunnel from above. The installation was developed as part of the discipline of Interactive Technologies and Creative Processes of the Architecture and Urbanism department at UFSC.

    This is the final project from an architecture class project that I helped with.

    Check out more @ Nimbu

  • New photo gallery!

    Ten years ago, when I was living in Finland, I signed up for my first Flickr account (thanks Cemre for the invitation). Today I decided to build a photo gallery using Flick’s API and Miro’s Justified Gallery.

    You can check the gallery working here.

    I released this code on Github, so you can fork it, use it and submit patches.

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  • A trip to the End of the World!

    December 15th 2013, 7 AM, me and my beloved started a 35 day car journey to the end of the world. From Florian├│polis, Brazil to a city called Ushuaia situated at the very tip of Argentina, the last city in South America before Antarctica.

    We drove a total of 13500 km or 8400 miles, the same distance from New York to California and back in our Peugeot 307 which we called “Poverello,” on every kind of road imaginable.

    After this amazing trip, we decided to build a website to share our experience. We hope that it is useful to future adventurers…

    Please check our page at: